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About me

My name is Daniel Jakob and i’ m a sound artist, musician, composer and producer.

I was born 1972 and i m based in Bern, where i work and live. 

i ve been involved in a couple of band projects and have been working as a solo artist.

I make music since the late 1980’ies, all the way from silly school bands to pretty successful electronic and pop projects to film music and sounddesign, corporate sounds and commercials.

I ve been on stage as lo fi guitarist, singer, kinda-keyboarder and laptop artist. With Filewile i toured in Mexico , in South Africa and Western Europe from 2003 to 2011.

Filewile received a work grant from Pro Helvetia in 2010. In 2016 i received a 3 monthresidency by Pro Helvetia in Johannesburg South Africa where i collaborated with local artists. From the City of Bern i got a work grant in 2019 for my lates projects about impulse responses and fieldrecordings.



Melodies In My Head

Dubokaj, Lee Scratch Perry

Dejot, Moonchild Sanelly etc..

Robin Thirdfloor


Originally coming from visual arts and beeing trained as a display artist, i also worked as graphic designer, painter and set designer for theater pieces.

More specific information and details about my works on the projects pages.

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